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Man Of The Americas:

Main Message

Why do we celebrate Columbus Day? This is a question with hundreds of answers, some are right and some are wrong, but most are a weird mixture of both. With this question comes hundreds of other questions like what did Columbus really do?, and was Columbus a good man?, but there really is no answer, you can only look at the evidence we have and try to make your own conclusion about him, it really is a matter of opinion. Some see him as a murderer and betrayer, others see him as a great hero or saint, but most really credit him with one very important thing, the discovery of America.  


Our Travels

In my travels in the Americas and the Caribbean this year I am going to document my different experiences and relate them to Columbus' travels. This winter I am going to go to the islands of Hispaniola, Cuba, and the Bahamas, which are three of the main places Columbus went on his voyages. While I am in these places I will connect what I find about Columbus and his history to this page.


I am taking "Advanced Placement U.S. History" as my social studies course for 9th grade. In this class I am learning all about America and how it was made into the country it is today, and so this class is one of my main resources for the blog.

The Arts

I am using a combination of multiple programs in the Adobe Suite to create different drawings and art projects related to the things I find on my travels. I will take photos, draw and edit pictures, edit and sketch animations, and much more.